Kohsuke Oshima collaborates again with T.M.R.

kohsuke Let's move on to Kohsuke!
Just like the previous Under:Cover album, Kohsuke collaborated again with T.M.Revolution for his latest album "Under:Cover 2" and was responsible of the arrangement of the song "last resort". Please check [THIS] page out for more information.

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Hiroshi Shibasaki: T.M.R. & Being Legend: Guitar Summit

hiroshiLet's start our latest news recap with Hiroshi Shibasaki!
On February 27th, 2013, T.M.Revolution's new album "Under:Cover 2" came out and, as aspected, Hiroshi was responsible for the arrangement of one song: "Totteoki No Ohanashi〜Shinsetsu Renai Shinkaron".
Check [THIS] page out to see more information about the album.
Moreover, as we can see from [THIS] page, Hiroshi partecipated to a concert on March 26th, 2013 called "BEING LEGEND~Guitar Summit~". This event was meant to gather many guitarists from bands of the Being Studio of the 90s. Please check the page out to find out the names of the other artists who took part to the concert!

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I'm back!

newsHello everyone!
It's been so long (almost a year) since the last time I updated this website. I'm really sorry for being absent for practically a whole year, but I've been really busy during 2013 because of school. In July 2013 I finally finished school and got my diploma, but then I kept on having personal problems since I've been trying to understand what to do in the future (job or university?) and eventually I've ended up losing a school year since I didn't came up with a final decision (and I still haven't decided yet... I'm the most indecisive person in the world...). I'm still struggling with myself: should I follow my dreams? Should I just study something I won't like? Should I just find a job (whatever it is) in this economic crisis?.
Well, what I'm sure about is that I'm working on personal projects, trying to create art capable of reaching the market.
Anyway, 2014 has finally arrived: we have another long year in front of us, and I hope that I'll keep on treasuring this website, bringing news and update everything properly. I'm gathering all of last year's news so that I can write them year as soon as possible, so be sure to come back in a couple of days!
See you soon and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 05 Jan 2014 by TRamp94

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