Hiroshi Shibasaki: "1st Gear" out now!

hiroshiHello everyone,
Hiroshi has finally linked us in his blog his new CD with Toshimi Project "1st Gear".
HERE the link to the page of
See you soon for more news and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 16 Apr 2011 by TRamp94

Issei Sugimoto: Works 27

isseiHello everyone!
Today I'm back with an update from Issei's blog

Works 27
Artist: Clear
Release: "Shining"
Date of Release: April 27th, 2011

A nice thing to notice is that the first track of the single ("Shining") was written by two famous artists in the 90s: Daria Kawashima wrote the lyrics and Koji Goto(ex ZYYG) wrote the music!
Anyway, the single, which is Clear's second single, will be released in two formats: a "normal" limited edition and a limited edition + DVD.
Edit (April 29th): Issei has linked a very interesting promotional video of the single. Click HERE to watch the video.
See you soon for more news and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 13 Apr 2011 by TRamp94

Kohsuke & Hiroshi @"STAND UP! JAPAN"

kohsukehiroshiHello everyone!
On April 2nd, from 15:00 to 24:00 (Japanese time), the artist Takanori Nishikawa made a live program called "STAND UP! JAPAN" which was broadcasted on Nico Nico Live and on the Official Website. This live program was dedicated to all the Japanese people affected by the disasters caused by the earthquake and many artists offered their own things to the auction which are now on Yahoo!Japan Auction. And between the many artists there were Hiroshi and Kohsuke too. Kohsuke offered a signed keyboard (Also Hiroshi signed it) that he used to play in WANDS.
Edit (April 19th): Hiroshi offered his signed headphones: HERE
At the end of the program, Hiroshi played on the acoustic guitar with Sunao (abs) and Takanori the abingdon boys school's song "Kimi No Uta"; then, Kohsuke went on stage and all together played the T.M.Revolution's song "Heart Of Sword -Yoakemae-".
See you soon for more news and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 06 Apr 2011 by TRamp94

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