Issei Sugimoto: Works 30 & 31

isseiHello everyone,
tonight I'm back with two news from Issei's Blog: HERE and HERE. As we can see, he's worked again with clear and with a new band that has just made its debut.

Works 30
Artist: clear
Release: "Dearest II"
Date of Release: July 20th, 2011

He has worked in most of the songs, especially in arrangements; and in "Just Be Friends" the arrangement has been made by LIT-HUM.
It also seems that the date of release was expected to be on July 13th but it has been postponed on July 20th.

Works 31
Artist: Beach Boys
Release: "Beach Boys"
Date of Release: July 13th, 2011
This release is available in normal edition and in special edition (with DVD).

See you soon for more news and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 11 Jul 2011 by TRamp94

Show Wesugi: Vote for Nekodamashi @Summer Sonic 2011

showHello everyone!
Today I'm back with an important news about Show Wesugi's band Nekodamashi. In fact, they're one of the candidates to perform live at Summer Sonic 2011! If you want to see them live at that festival, all you have to do is to vote them in THIS PAGE! You just have to write your email address in that blank space on the right EVERY DAY!
The festival will be in Tokyo and Osaka on August 13th and 14th!
So, let's do our best to see them live there!
Edit (July 18th, 2011): Nekodamashi won't partecipate to the festival anymore because of Show Wesugi's live performances in September.
See you soon for more news and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 22 Jun 2011 by TRamp94

Issei Sugimoto: Works 28 & 29

isseiGood morning everyone!
Today I'm back with two updates from Issei's blog: HERE and HERE.

Works 28
Artist: Yurika/Hanatan
Release: "Flower Drops"
Date of Release: June 29th, 2011

Issei played on the electric guitar the tracks number 5 ("Sasabune"), 7 ("Kanzashi"), 9 ("Saisho no Namida") and 10 ("Niwakaame").
The 9th track "Saisho no Namida" has been arranged by LIT-HUM.
On Yurika's Website you can also listen to the songs' preview.

Works 29
Artist: Shinsengumi Lien
Release: "Iroito"
Date of Release: June 22nd, 2011

See you soon for more news and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 09 Jun 2011 by TRamp94

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