Issei Sugimoto: Works 36, 37 & 38

isseiHello everyone!
I'm sorry for being absent for almost a month but I've been very busy for many reasons, so I'm here to write a big news!
Issei has updated his blog very often lately with three works!
Works 36
Release: "genesis"
Date of Release: January 18th, 2012
HERE to listen to the album digest.

Works 37
Artist: Clementine×OSTER project
Release: "Mahoutsukai No Shokoratie ~Le Chocolatier enchanté~"
Date of Release: -
HERE to listen to the song. It's a song in French and Japanese!

Works 38
Artist: Super Sonico
Date of Release: February 8th, 2012
HERE for more information and to listen to the digest of the album.

See you soon fore more news and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 05 Feb 2012 by TRamp94

Hiroshi Shibasaki on Twitter + New Toshimi Project's release

hiroshiHello everyone, today I'm back with another news from Hiroshi: as we really hoped, Hiroshi has opened a Twitter account! @SHIBASAKI_staff
It seems that it's only a twitter for official news, but it's better than nothing! On this Twitter account, they published some news about a new release from Toshimi Project, a DVD called "Toshimi Project Silver Elephant Selection Official Bootleg DVD" that came out on January 14th, 2012.
For more news please visit Hiroshi's Twitter page. HERE a photo of Hiroshi and Kozy Hasegawa with the DVD.
See you soon for more news and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 17 Jan 2012 by TRamp94

Issei Sugimoto: Works 35

isseiHello everyone!
Starting a new year (I hope you'll have a good one!) I'm here to write a news from Issei's Blog

Works 35
Artist: √5 (Root Five)
Date of Release: December 14th, 2011

On the blog post you can also listen to the song and watch the Promotional Video.
See you soon for more news and STAY WANDS!

Posted on 01 Jan 2012 by TRamp94

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